Sunday, February 3, 2013


Working in interaction design means being an early adopter of many new "internet trends". I signed up to Pinterest nearly a year ago, but wasn't using it as much till a few months back.
I DO get why people get addicted to it, if you follow the right boards, and are able to streamline your interests, you get a ton of visual inspiration.

I made this little sketch after seeing something on pinterest. The problem is however that one tends not to remember the source or the artist who "inspired" you.

I am currently just using it to get some visual candy, though I see people use it to do some DIY stuff, outfit inspiration, graphic design inspiration, and so on.

I also kinda get intimidated by the "perfect" photography on it, even though I know its all nice light, and clean backgrounds. 


  1. hmm... I use it myself sometimes to get cake decoration or party ideas... nice trees!