Wednesday, January 9, 2013

30 before 30

I was chatting with my younger brother and he said, "I never imagined life after 22-23. Somehow that seemed to be the end." I agreed, because I used to be the same way. I never thought I would become any older than 25.

But here's the harsh truth. I turn 30 in February 2014. It's a milestone birthday, and I suppose I could be all unhappy about it. But, instead, I have decided to look forward to becoming thirty. It is sad to leave my 20s behind, and realise that I will not be the target audience for a lot of marketing & advertisers. But on the other hand, a lot of my burning life questions seem to be behind me. I am older, somewhat wiser and have as yet, no white hairs.

I still suffer from existential angst, and self-esteem issues, and yes, acne. I guess these things are not going  away anytime soon.

However, enough rambling! Before I exit my 20s, I decided to make a list of things I wanted to do. It wasn't easy to come up with thirty, but I did it!

  1. Run a marathon
  2. Throw a party
  3. Learn to blow dry my hair REALLY straight
  4. Complete the “Artist’s Way”
  5. Save an X amount of money every month
  6. Learn how to drape a sari really well
  7. Find and wear the right makeup
  8. Celebrate Diwali the right way
  9. Make pickles
  10. Keep a photoblog (on posterous)
  11. Travel to
    • Coorg,
    • Pondicherry,
    • Hampi &
    • Ooty
  12. Participate in NaNoWriMo(November)
  13. Stitch a garment I can wear outside the house
  14. Make a painting or a series of small paintings
  15. Design a calendar for 2014
  16. Go hang-gliding
  17. Travel to another country
  18. Learn to do my taxes
  19. Go on a road trip
  20. "Finish" drawing in all my gifted journals/notebooks
  21. Attend a rock concert
  22. Take a jewelry making class/Make some jewelry
  23. Go vegan for a month
  24. Learn to sing a song perfectly
  25. Don't shop for a month
  26. Write reviews of books & films you watch
  27. Participate in hourly comics (1st FEB!!!)
  28. Celebrate Valentine's day
  29. Start the 'other' blog (that's a hush-hush project)
  30. Be at peace with myself
I am going to try and document this as I go on. Wish me luck!


  1. love your list! good luck with it - whatever you add to it or remove!

  2. So many things I want to experience can be spotted on the list!:-P Good luck!Any suggestions on 'must do's' before 25?

  3. So how many on this list were you able to strike off?