Monday, December 31, 2012

Story of Curly

I was born with springy, twisted curly hair. As a kid, I longed to have the Rasna girl hair cut with neat bangs on my forehead and a bob-cut. That, I felt, would complete my life.

My hair is stubbornly curly and refuses to be tamed by hair gel, shampoo, hair-dryers, or flat-irons. It has a mind and life of its own.

Around two years ago, I had an epiphany. It was around the time that everyone was going through the re-bonding process. Poker straight hair was in vogue. I remember a girl in my office with dry, frizzy, curly hair who came in one day with her hair looking smooth, and silky. I was so tempted to re-bond my hair. I would get my Rasna girl haircut! I would finally have smooth manageable hair!

I had just brought myself a flat iron and was straightening my hair. It wasn’t working so well for me. My hair was a disaster, it had stopped growing, it was limp and dull, and falling out. I had to wash it nearly every day to keep it from being lank. I was sick of it.

And so came my epiphany. I decided that I didn’t care if my hair was straight or curly; all I wanted was healthy hair.

Whenever faced with any problem, I do a lot of reading. I read on the internet, books, articles, magazines, whatever came my way. And I began working on it.

Getting healthier hair wasn’t easy, it has taken over two-three years. But the more difficult thing is accepting my hair. I have curly hair, and it is crazy on some days. But that’s okay. On the days it behaves, it looks pretty. On the days it doesn’t, well, that’s what buns and scrunchies are for!


  1. I agree too!I have frizzy and dry hair and I can completely relate.But on good hair days I luv them!They define me.great writing :-)