Thursday, July 21, 2011

Touristy stuff

I visited the National Gallery of Modern Art(on Palace Road, Bangalore), twice in the last two weeks. One time I went with my younger brother where we spent time staring at the paintings and not understanding them and generally being Philistines(and also regrettably making fun of some of the more vague ones).

the second time with my sis-in-law who is more artistic than us, I maintained a respectful silence and tried to look at "art" with fresh eyes. I also made some doodles during this time.

Click to enlarge, and read. Have you been to a National Gallery? How did you like it?

What I have heard about Bangalore

Some of this is true, some I am still finding out.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

happily married

(photo credits: Arindam)

though it is still difficult to comprehend for me, i am a married woman now! marriages are big and chaotic, and exhausting! there is so much to do; socialising, dressing up, eating, and feeling big pockets of strange feelings which are hard to define.
i have moved to banglore now, and trying to set up house and learn some basic cooking...