Monday, June 23, 2014

A million thanks!

I published an article on yahoo tumblr blog, and my blog stats have really spiked since then. The article has been shared and "like"d beyond my wildest imagination. It's so encouraging and exciting for me :)

Thank you all those who have dropped by to check out my blog! Do say hello in the comments!

( Here's the article, )

Sunday, June 22, 2014

S**t hairdressers say

I really dislike going to beauty parlours. The ladies there end up saying things which make me feel terrible about my skin and hair and generally everything. Plus, I have no patience for facials and pedicures and manicures. I cannot bring myself to relax. But these days, I have started realizing I need to relax, I am too tense, too high-strung, and too nervous. Ah, good feelings all :)

In the meantime, here's a comic I did a few days back. My scanner is suffering an illness so you get a crappy phone pic.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Comfort food

Its wonderful weather in Bangalore and it makes me think of home-made food.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

#21: Attend a rock concert

Unfortunate camera-pic

I got lucky a few days back when I heard Norah Jones was giving a concert in India. I have not attended a concert, like EVER. And though my list says "rock" concert, I figured a jazz/country/folk concert is a worthy substitute.

Besides I was getting an employee discount on tickets, and this I took as a sign that I should go a-concerting.

So for people who are going to attend a concert for the first time, here are a few tips:

1) Wear flat shoes and closed shoes.
Open-air concerts involve a lot of standing (or sitting). So heels will definitely make you uncomfortable. I am a person who doesn't like dirt in her toes, so closed shoes were a must for me.

2) Carry water
All that standing around and singing along makes you thirsty. So carry some hydration.

3) Carry insect repellent/sunscreen
Depending on whether its day or night, carry one(or both). I was bitten by mosquitoes all night :(

4) Carry a light, hands free bag.
Again, standing around will exhaust you. make sure your bag doesn't contribute to it.

5) Dress lightly.
So many people packed together will make it warm/hot. So jackets, sweaters, wraps should be left in your car.

6) Respect other concert attendees
Don't step on toes, push people, toss your hair into other people's unsuspecting faces. Your dance moves may be sexy, but I certainly don't appreciate you shoving at me.

And as a tiny person, I think concerts may not be the best place for me to enjoy music. After all, I generally come upto most people's shoulders, and my view of Norah Jones was limited to between people's ears and necks. Sharad, however, towered over the crowd and even made eye-contact with Norah and her guitarist, Jeff(we were quite near the stage).
So my final concert-going tip for you:

8) Be tall.

The concert in itself was brilliant. The lady is an incredible performer! She sounds as good performing live as she does on record. And her band was awesome too! My favourites were "Creep on Me" and "Black" and "Mariam". Her songwriting is so versatile, switching from jazz to almost-rock to pop.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

#6 Drape a sari perfectly

As  a part of my 30 before 30 list, I learned how to drape a sari well. Special thanks to my mum, and the internet!

I love the sari, it is a beautiful garment,makes me feel elegant and grownup. I learnt to drape it fairly late in my youth, and even made a little comic about it. The only problem is I don't love it on myself. Post-wedding, I accumulated a lovely collection of silks and chiffons and net saris. But something was still amiss, saris always seemed a little "off" on me. 

That's when I realised I need to learn how to drape it well. There are a few little tricks of how to do it, and you need to adjust it to your own body type. 
 For instance I am a small person, with a few extra pounds in the middle. I have slim hips and broad shoulders. I don't have the typical large hipped small-waisted Indian figure(which looks so amazing in saris). So I made up a few tenets for myself, especially when it comes to the traditional silk saris.
1) No long pallus  for me, sadly. I stick to neatly draped accordian pleats, that is the only way I will not look over-whelmed by the sari.  The folded section of the pallu cannot extend too much beyond my shoulder blade. Otherwise I look like one of those rugby players.
2) A tiny bit of waist exposure is essential, for people who are blessed with no hips & a paunch. This falls nicely in line with a gathered pallu.
3) Front pleats are a bit of an issue for short & not-very-wide-hipped people. Especially since some saris these days seem to be long and tall and make up for a nice "pouf" right in front of your tummy. My solution(courtesy my mum) is to move them ever so slightly to the right.
4) Heels! Buy(and wear) the most comfortable high-heels you can find. Wedges always work for me. Many people dislike the look of wedges,but I like to think that having small feet can let you get away with chunky shoes.Wearing heels under a sari elongates the lower part of the sari, and makes you look elegant. 

So these are my four observations for draping a sari well. There was a wedding in the family recently, and I think I managed to pull off the sari pretty well.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Working in interaction design means being an early adopter of many new "internet trends". I signed up to Pinterest nearly a year ago, but wasn't using it as much till a few months back.
I DO get why people get addicted to it, if you follow the right boards, and are able to streamline your interests, you get a ton of visual inspiration.

I made this little sketch after seeing something on pinterest. The problem is however that one tends not to remember the source or the artist who "inspired" you.

I am currently just using it to get some visual candy, though I see people use it to do some DIY stuff, outfit inspiration, graphic design inspiration, and so on.

I also kinda get intimidated by the "perfect" photography on it, even though I know its all nice light, and clean backgrounds.