Monday, May 21, 2012

Why I don't read indian authors

I confess, I am not a big fan of Indian writing in English.

I once tried to analyse why. I read to escape reality, not to face it. Indian fiction makes me strangely uncomfortable, for instance Arvind Adiga's 'White Tiger' made me queasy.

Similarly, I didn't finish 'God of Small Things', it seemed incestous and therefore, unpleasant. I started off by enjoying 'Field of Poppies' but was traumatised by a scene in which a man has sex with a horse.

I see poverty, hunger, violence, abuse around me on a regular basis. And in many cases, I am helpless and can't do anything about it. Do I need to be reminded about it in my books? No thanks.

Let me curl up with my book containing light hearted characters and happy endings. I don't need any more stress in my life.

On the other hand, books like 'Five Point Someone', 'Only for you Ma'am' etc. annoy the hell out of me and I don't want to put myself  through that either!


  1. yes, you need to be in the mood for the white tiger or even the god of small things.

  2. Hey Aditi , following you from sometime and must say love your doodle designs . They are awsome.
    As for this post , i also cannot finish so many of them. Few being " midnight children", " God of small thing" and many other by prominent authors, so i stick to the reviews given by my blogger friends and tried few and enjoyed reading them like "The twentieth wife" , "Palace of illusion" and few more :)
    Also, wanted to take permission from you if i can share one of your doddle on public transport( as it is exactly my condition nowdays ;) ). I will duly mention your link and credit :).

    1. Hi Neha!

      I am a chronic book-leaver. A terrible habit! The book has to be incredibly gripping to get my whole attention.

      Glad that you liked my doodles! Yes, you can surely share the comic, with credit and stuff :)

  3. Hi Aditi

    I picked up the DORK series for fun at the airport.. and kinda liked is funny n not too disappointing. Try.

    I also read serious authors for sometime, but they are too confined with the conventional mindset of poor, troubled and sad India..

    Also, currently reading another lighter one -- "Horn OK Please" it is a travelogue kinda book so far

    1. DORK, eh? Okay, I will give it a shot!
      Yeah, I agree with you that most Indian authors don't go beyond the 'poor sad India' view. And I truly wish people would write about the hard-working and fairly successful middle class as well.

  4. I on the other hand do like Indian authors writing in English (of course not Chetan Bhagat). R K Narayan and Ruskin Bond (He's Indian for all practical purposes) are my favorites. You should try Ruskin Bond.

  5. I'm quite the opposite then - I try to read Indian authors in the faint hope of discovering something nice. I don't expect them to be of the same level as as US counterparts, but it would really be nice to read say a Sherlock Holmes in a desi-setting. So, I will keep my fingers crossed, and keep searching.

  6. Umm yes I too would stand by R K Narayan and Ruskin Bond! I even enjoy classic Ravindranath Tagore! Guess it all boils down to personal taste.. And for that matter what's Indian writing in English - why should the language matter?