Saturday, November 19, 2011

Guide to Small Talk

Hello hello, posting a comic after a really long time. This is another of my wedding-knowledge-documentation, here is a handy cheat-sheet for small talk. Knowing how to make small talk is a very essential skill to get through large  functions, and gatherings, where you don't know all that many people. Over the years, I have managed to acquire a decent amount of this skill.

Want more enlightment?


  1. He he he, good one!
    I've realised I now do this small-talk-routine quite mechanically! The easiest way to avoid questions about oneself is to keep quizzing the person you're talking to: So how old is your kid? Wasn't admission to kindergarten/school/college tough?

  2. @medz; Thanks :)
    @Anagha: best to formalise the process, they say ;)

  3. Hahahahahaaa!! :D Don't I know it. The Someone's kid part makes both me and the kid awkward. So we usually look at each other and make a telepathic pact to both smile and shut up! :)