Monday, August 8, 2011

Comics I like

These are some of the comics I have been reading recently.

Meh Comics This is a journal comic of a Chinese origin Dutch girl living in Germany and working for Nintendo. I love her sense of humour, and her quirky observations, and most of all, her experiments with cooking! ;-)

Stop Paying Attention Superbly talented comic artist, even has a book out called "French Milk". She publishes like, once a month, but awesome and detailed drawings.

Invade Everything Two best friends, one a comedian, the other an illustrator create these comics. They are a treat to read; ironic, and funny and somewhat poignant.

Stuff No One Told you About I have just started reading this comic. I really like the drawing style and the "stuff" he tells you.

Pigs in Maputo An animal comic, its about a marriage between a pig and a bear. Witty and observant.

Kevin and Kell Written by a husband-wife team this is apparently one of the oldest webcomics. It has over 4000 strips online! Do check it out, its quite cool.


  1. So, where do you get these comics? Any bookstore will have them?

  2. No, mostly webcomics, these can read them online anytime :) they can be quite addictive though! :)

  3. Ooohhh thank you for the mention! *dances*

  4. @mehblog: your blog IS very cool :)