Wednesday, June 8, 2011

love at a tender age

I was idly channel-surfing, when i caught a snippet of the movie Rok Sako To Rok Lo. It involved a scene where the hero and the girl he is trying to 'woo' are french-kissing.
My first thought was "WTF? What school is this based on?"
Ok, I went to an ultra-conservative school in a super-conservative city. But seriously do schools in films exist in real-life? If not what are all these movies based on?
I really want to know!
And while we are at it, lets also talk about uniforms. Were the uniforms in your school THAT sexy?


  1. I think it must be happening, esp these days with the amount influence movies have on kids. I've heard some stories when I was in school too..(not sure how true they were)

  2. There's a large hoarding near the Wakad Flyover for some school - with pictures of two girls in miniskirt-uniforms. I wonder who they are advertising too... probably pedophiles.

  3. "ultra-conservative school in a super-conservative city"... are u sure? Compared to western countries, yes. Compared to the rest of India, I don't think Abhinav or Pune is too conservative at all. Some people in our school started dating in 9th std... you shud know better.. you were in the afternoon shift :). And as for Pune, well we have stayed out until 11PM or more several times without worrying about eve teasing or such things.