Sunday, March 13, 2011

singapore sketches

in December i went on a small tour of Singapore-Malaysia. while i anticipated long hours where i could sketch to my heart's content, there was so much 'site-seeing' to do, that i could barely sketch.
here are a few pages i made.

i have been having busy weeks at work, so not been posting. but now that things are back to normal, i am going to try and post more.


  1. My addition to the honeymooning woman's typical attire... an arm-ful of sparkly bangles and sindoor to go with those super-tight "western" clothes! :))

  2. And oh... forgot to say... Love the little sketch of the London "Eye". :D

  3. yeah, i forgot the sparkly bangles and sindoor!! plenty mismatched :)
    The little "eye" sketch, heh, watch out for my next trip ;) ;)