Saturday, December 11, 2010

What's on YOUR desk?

People personalize their desks in many amusing ways. Just some around my work place.

Some people park their bikes
Others put multi-racial families. A travelling Bedouin family with a pet cobra, a huge baby, and a treasure chest.

Some have anti-backstabbing mirrors :)

Some are passive aggressive.

Others are more open.

What do you keep on your desk :)


  1. :) good one.

    I have batman , shrek , pinocchio and blue beetle - the batman villain - standing together in harmony on mine.

    There s also that wall hanging you made me along with a "DON'T PANIC" signboard from H2G2.

  2. The Reluctant RebelJanuary 9, 2011 at 7:48 AM

    My papers, some spilled chips, a napkin for cleaning up the cola when it falls and a hole puncher called Puncheto II.

  3. I have a family of tiny stuffed elephants on my desk at home.

  4. @Sneha: a toy collection, huh :)

    @Rahul Saha: Puncheto 2? what happened to Puncheto 1?

    @Sroyon: What about your work desk?

  5. strange.. you missed out my collection! :D

  6. A yellow cup, and some stationery. My work desk is quite boring.

  7. loved how you put all the pics together to make an observation!